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Kids and their phones

It takes a lot to cause me to sit back and say ‘hummm’ but this infographic on youths (American kids 12 – 17) and mobile phone use is quite staggering. Considering some of the data in this graphic that suggests … Continue reading

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Social Media – Users

An interesting post on social media demographics. Not as detailed as I would have hoped but an interesting use of infographics and visualization to creatively demonstrate the data. It’s a bit large for this context, so I’ll include the link … Continue reading

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say what you mean – engage by engaging

There is no silver bullet to employee engagement. What I have learned throughout my career is that engagement really is a verb, not a noun.  While many CEO’s invest in strategy as a means of building morale, the implementation really … Continue reading

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Employee Engagement

I really enjoy reading about employee engagement because for many firms its a mythical beast that lives in the dark shadows under the stairs. Not to be overly dramatic, but there are firms I’ve seen with just a handful of … Continue reading

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Who owns creativity?

This is an interesting post on MarketingMag about the egos and challenges of a Creative Director.  This particular section of the interview focuses in on Fast Company’s list of top 100 Creative People in Business. This to me demonstrates that … Continue reading

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Lead, follow or get out of the way

Leadership is an action, not a position. I’m always impressed with leaders who can define a vision, set parameters (or even an ideal end state)  and empower their team to implement strategy. Delegation is not abdication. The responsibility of the … Continue reading

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Insights under 140

I’ll keep a scrolling list of Twitter insights that really work for me. I’ll do what I can to credit where possible Having an opinion doesn’t make you knowledgeable. Or correct via @kaleemux individuals have a ripple effect on company’s … Continue reading

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Never mistake activity for achievement

Twitter fascinates me. It is the perfect example of drinking from a fire hose.  I saw someone’s post on Twitter this morning and it really sat well with my coffee as I read the Globe and Mail this morning. His re-Tweeted post … Continue reading

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I hate to start off my post’s by simply capitalizing on someone else’s intellectual capital, however I felt it a great point of departure. When I was a kid, I never asked ‘how’ or ‘what’ but rather, why. I wanted … Continue reading

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