Who owns creativity?

This is an interesting post on MarketingMag about the egos and challenges of a Creative Director.  This particular section of the interview focuses in on Fast Company’s list of top 100 Creative People in Business. This to me demonstrates that creativity is not owned in one department or by the CD any longer. The list includes a range of individuals perhaps better known for their creativity in problem solving, leadership or ingenuity rather their prowess as a ‘creative’.

The interview however does provide some very solid insights from key players  in Toronto’s creative community (Israel Diaz, CCO at Y&R Canada; Jon Freir, senior vice-president and creative director at MacLaren Momentum; Virginia Magaletta, ECD at Twist Image; David Houghton, CD at Two Headed; and Glen Hunt, former CD at Dentsu Canada). It describes the changing role and nature of creativity in the marketplace. It’s a good series to watch to if you need to readjust your thinking on the ad agency landscape.

One really solid takeaway is this notion that creativity is everywhere and that technology has really enhanced anyone’s ability to stumble into greatness. I think like anything though, anyone can sneak one out but it takes real genius to do it again, and again. Definitely worth a few moments of your time to watch the entire series.

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