Brand Story – OCAD University

Finally, we did it. It took months of preparation, process design, consultation, and research but the work has finally paid off. We have successfully introduced a new identity for OCAD University.  This naturally was no easy task. Introducing new brand identity’s rarely is, just ask “The Gap“.  Now imagine introducing one at an Art & Design University, where we have some of the top branding experts and graphic designers. The task at hand was not easy.

With our colleagues at Bruce Mau Design, we developed a consultation and engagement program that opened the process to students, faculty, staff and the community. Ensuring transparency was a vital element. Other public institutions have had very bad experiences delivering closed process identities. Telling the story of transition required us to get interest from the outset and build out value from our willingness to hear all, learn from everyone and seriously listen to what was being said.

Selling the new identity requires telling the story. To accomplish this, we summarized the University’s new identity within the context of the 135 year history. It’s quite a story, check it out.

OCAD University Visual Identity from OCAD University on Vimeo.

Media related to the announcement

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Under Consideration – Brand New  – Armin Vit (USA)

Fast Company (USA)

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