New Era of Advertising?

Such a great campaign – the Alec Baldwin/John Krasinski  spots for Buffalo’s pride – the New Era  Cap Co., Inc. This is creative advertising at its best – and while New Era will most assuredly benefit from the creativity of the Brooklyn Brothers Major League Baseball will undoubtedly also generate a tremendous amount of positive attention from these ads.

The Buffalo News reports that since the spots began “airing on ESPN, Fox, Comedy Central and other sports and cable stations, the commercials have gone viral on the Internet. They have nearly one million views on YouTube so far, along with numerous Tweets, shares, likes and comments about the spots. “

Maybe, just maybe we are back into creative advertising – back from the dead. Focusing on the message, rather than the medium. Forget “TV” advertising – just create good content. These have the promise of moving into a legendary status such as the Mars Blackmon/Spike Lee commercials featuring Michael Jordan from the late 80’s/early 90’s.

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