Being Social… Media

This is a well done video.  Great insights about living social media and the power of medium to build brand and engage consumers.

This was created by an agency in Toronto called Social Scratch – with three really interesting definitions of ‘scratch’ but the message it sends just doesn’t sit right for me.

1.) A rare trait found in persons that possess and maintain a large online audience of fans, tweeters & post readers.

2.) To have influence on the actions, behaviours and opinions of a large group of friends & online followers.

3). Credibility of opinion within a specific category or industry (ex. technology, lifestyle, music, entertainment).

What is their business you ask? Monetizing social media  Interesting that the experience get cheapened at that point for me – one, the noticeable old school slang for scratch being used to define ‘money’ and the second is a pretty consistent primary definition for social as a “Score or mark the surface of (something) with a sharp or pointed object” (variety of sources).

It makes me really uncomfortable to discuss notions of monetizing social – because for me it cheapens the medium.  As a customer service tool, for sure – engaging customers or stakeholders or well, anyone for sure -great insights from the subjects in the video – be real, be genuine, be authentic – but monetizing social flips that notion on its ear.  Their firm web site is just a splash at the moment but right up front and centre they tell us what their about and what they are about. They ask anyone who thinks they have credibility in social to become an influence for brands they like.

SocialScratch is a social media monetization network for people with online influence. We only accept la creme de la creme so click here to see if you measure up. If you do, you could make some serious coin just by sharing information about the brands you love.”

I already do this – I rant about bad service and terrible products – but also give prop’s to fantastic people who deliver value and solid products, but the prospect of cheapening that experience, denigrating the ‘social’ value of it for a dime, that’s disingenuous and creepy. Let’s leave that for Charlie Sheen to do…

SocialScratch – Empowering Influence from Social Scratch on Vimeo.

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