Its been an insanely busy, but productive fall. New job is still great – and am embarking on a new visual identity and brand exercise for the association I work for. We desperately need these, along with a new website, which will keep me busy through to next fall.

We host an annual convention that is the largest of its kind in the world – bringing nearly 30,000 people to Toronto – more than 25% of whom come from around the world. This will certainly keep us hoping at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada.

That said, professionally, things have been pretty intense, but focused. I’ve done the unfocused intense thing, and it doesn’t work for me. Here at the PDAC, I think we’ve got things lined up right and I’m excited about the next 12 months.

Personally my wife just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He’s happy and healthy and full of energy – I can see already that he’s going to keep us busy for the next few years. James is a bundle of joy and we’re all thrilled to have him along for the journey.

That said, it leaves less time for positing, thoughts and research than I would like. I’d also like to hit the gym every now and then – but this falls within the rank order of priorities that I need to sort out.

Organizations, like people need priorities. They are necessary markers along the road to success. Without them, how can anyone know which direction they are headed or what needs to be accomplished? I once sat around a boardroom table with the top 40 managers in the firm – and we all had a long list of ‘top priorities’. What became clear very quickly is that none of our priorities lined up. Leadership is about pointing the ship in the right direction and helping others find their steam. Prioritize, align and lead.

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