time to undo?

I had a great experience at a conference in Ottawa – that I can only describe as surreal. I was at a learning and development event for the non-profit sector and government types.

I understand these markets. More importantly I understand the inherent obstacles they face in getting their message out. Its why I felt it odd that they chose to bring in Canada’s marketing superstar Scott Stratten – aka @unmarketing. I encourage you to check out what Scott has to say – but more importantly why he says it.

So – given Stratten’s irreverent ‘unmarketing’ approach (and I agree with him that brands need to start engaging their stakeholders/clients) – its difficult to presume that the entire conference was built around a fundamental marketing strategy and techniques on the one hand and on the other, took the proportion of the economy who could least afford to take risks in their marketing efforts.  Or is it?

I work for a ‘non-profit’ organization. I have worked in public sector and non-profit organizations for the last decade and what I have learned is that the @unmarketing message couldn’t apply more to that sector – and where the conference in my view, failed – is supporting organizations better in restringing their thinking so that they could apply the messaging more quickly, more effectively and with improved risk management.

Enjoy another piece by Stratten talking about good technology applied poorly. QR Codes and how they are the bane of his existence. So before you do anything, maybe you need to think about undoing it first.

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