What is a Brand?

Everything you ever wanted to know about branding, right here – in what I think is the best ‘what the hell is a brand’ presentation I’ve seen in a long time. The Brand Gap Book – is a brilliant book that expert Marty Neumeier’s has developed to bridge the gap between business strategy and design in brand building.

I highly encourage you to spend time and think about what’s being written about in the presentation. Consider where your brand is, how you evaluate it, measure it and what is its value in the market place. I worked with a CIO once, who discussed with other IT leaders, that their value in IT was less about managing boxes and wires and about providing strategic advice to the CEO.  I agree whole heartedly and say the same thing. Marketing and communications more generally should be more about strategy than tactics. Everyone and their brother thinks they can do marketing, so improve your value and deliver strategy. Tactics are nothing short of a byproduct of good strategy.

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