Big Mac Attack

Our Food. Your QuestionsIncreasingly, the ideals of Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) have penetrated workplace in some pretty unexpected ways. After 40 years in the business world, the acronym typical suggests that organizations have some level of social consciousness. Born in the 1960’s an 70’s, the movements towards globalization found counter balance in stakeholder theory, by providing a measure of local accountability. Certainly no expert in this regard, there is a tremendous amount of literature online and in print for the interested observer.

Where I find the CSR effort intensely interesting, is in the corporate response to transparency and accountability. McDonald’s has assembled an interesting, and I think revolutionary platform for accountability that I’ve yet to see attempted by any other organization, let alone in the fast food industry. Their launch of ‘our food, your questions’ is an unparalleled example of authenticity and genuine belief that their customers deserve to know the full story.

the level of public accountability and transparency in this site is unprecedented in my experience.  What do you think of this level of leadership in corporate communications? Is it a genuine and sustainable effort? Is this a PR exercise or does it have true merit?

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