If you drink enough coffee does it all taste the same?

I drink a fair bit of coffee. I like coffee. It tastes good and the suggestion that the caffeine will improve performance, alertness and improve my IQ – I’m in. 3 cups a day. I used to drink closer to 10-12 cups a day. When I was in university, a day without 2 carafes was nothing short of a sleepy Monday.

Canadians drink a lot of coffee. StatsCan data (2008) suggests that it is the second most popular beverage amongst adults after water.  A 2011 survey indicates that not only do 64% of adults in this country drink coffee every single day, and the average consumption is 2.7 cups per day. I guess that puts me slightly above average.

I have had my share of crappy coffee, for sure. Most of it comes from branded styrofoam cups. I often wonder if we put bad coffee in a Starbucks cup, would anyone notice? To that end, I found this advert, and the elements of storytelling compelling enough to share. Tim Horton’s, a coffee brand which I have a terrible history with, has taken the challenge of taking on their biggest competitors on in an arena they aren’t typically known for: quality. It would seem that ‘Timmy’s’ is trying to move assertively away from its donut shop roots to an upscale quality purveyor of the delicious dark beverage. To do this, they enlisted a brilliant creative team from Toronto and produced a fun little coffee art video.


The ‘making of’ video above certainly demonstrates an interesting vision into the creative process and what they are trying to achieve. The bigger question is does this get them there? Trying to compete with Starbucks (my preferred brand in case you’re thinking of gift ideas) and other premium brands is a monumental task. The brand shift is a huge undertaking, but starting with your primary product is a good start, but only a portion of the overall battle. Tim Horton’s has a lot of competition in the market place but are they doing their primary consumers a disservice by repositioning their brand or are they coffee-fueled geniuses for moving along the quality line. So can Tim’s compete in a premium space by firing off an artsy yet inspiring movie? I think not. Stick to your knitting Timmy’s.

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