A new twist on a classic tale

I love creative execution. I’ve blogged about it before. The past few years have seen measurable leaps forward in design execution and certainly things look better as a whole. But the next evolution in advertising in my mind, remains the unexpected.  We have seen that shift in our TV programming and movies, mystery and suspense is the new thing but when combined in advertising with a different take, an unexpected twist if you will, on an old thing – it really works.

A great example is this – the Porsche Panamaera.  Billed by the car manufacture as “the only luxury sedan that combines an executive tailored interior with the performance of a sports car, it is possibly the worlds most thrilling contradiction.” The word I really like here is contradiction.  We live in a complex world full of nuance and subtlety but this advert from Porsche takes the vehicle from the elite, (stodgy even) realm of sedans into a new market of edgy, progressive and  hard lines of performance vehicles aided by an unconventional alley. A heavy metal band and a symphony orchestra.

It opens predictably with a classical intro, warm up as it profiles the limousine quality of the interior. The luxurious cabin of the Panamera is as intense as it is exquisite.  The break finds the unique roar of the finely tuned and unmistakable Porsche engine cutting the classical music into a beautiful version of Iron Maiden’s The Trooper. Maybe its because I’m a fan of both the vehicle and the band, but this really works. Re-interpretation of original works is a risky business but in this instance, and when done right it can have a thrilling, unexpected twist.

Think different. Be different. Your customers will thank you.

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