Watch this amazing safety video?

I believe that even the most boring, inane content can be given life enough to be interesting, understood and even enjoyed.

As a communications professional, I’ve come to appreciate that it is exceptionally rare that you ever have a captive audience. One where the consumer can’t easily escape your message.  This somehow led me to think about some seat-back advertising and really how effective it is/can be.

When I fly, one thing that strikes me is how no one ever pays attention to the safety videos. Airlines actually force-feed you these videos; broadcasting them across the entire airplane from the comfort of your seat-back TV screen and the audio throughout the cabin. Still, people refuse to pay attention for 4 minutes as they get that final email or text out before flight attendants politely ask you to shut off your mobile devices.  This is what we’re used to…

In spite of what Bruce Willis or Wesley Snipes might have you believe, the average passenger has zero influence over the outcome of an emergency situation, except whatever we are given in the four minutes of  tedious video instruction.  Those boring corporate safety videos have always been terrible. Until now.  Thankfully some creative genius has linked the elements of pop culture and the most important (but boring) thing we can fathom while traveling.  Enter Peter Jackson and Air New Zealand.

The video’s origins date back a few years but together they have leveraged the popularity of the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit franchise with some monotonously boring content – and it works, beautifully.  As you step aboard a Boeing 777 and fly across the world you may not be able to shape the outcome of that 660,000 lb payload but you can do what you can to be safe in a 25o’ long beer can.  Watch the video – enjoy, think about how you position your content. Think differently, and you can be rewarded.

12 million people have actively chosen to view a safety video YouTube – think about that!

The lesson here – is that anything can be interesting and generate eyeballs if you are giving it some creativity and thoughtful execution. Think as much about what you want to communicate as you do about who, and how  your audience wants to receive that message. And, hey, if you don’t know? Ask them.

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