DIY PR? DIY Disaster?

So, you’re a small business who wants to get some positive press. Who doesn’t? We know that positive media attention has a strong relationship to revenue growth through sales, membership development, and lead generation. Positive press has a significant impact on a brand by building credibility, authority, and trust.  We also know that ‘earned media’ (a story written about you)  is both less expensive and has more statistically more beneficial compared to paid media ( paid advertising).

Should you spring for a PR contractor or do the news release yourself? It can be done and has been done well. If you’re thinking about investing in real PR help. Keep the following in mind…

1. Journalists aren’t interested in what you think is new… Reporters, bloggers, Yelpers want something no one else has talked about. Why is YOUR story different than your competitors? What are you doing differently than everyone else? It doesn’t need to be significant, but different and unique.

2.  A press release won’t get you an interview… the release is just a starting point to build a relationship. The relationship starts after sending it to the right person too. An interview or a story isn’t guaranteed but you can get pretty close if you know what you’re doing.

3. A PR consultant is good, as long as YOU know what to ask for… The proof is in the pudding as they say. When hiring a PR person, ask for results from past work. Passion isn’t everything and neither are fancy words. Does she understand what your customers love about your business? Does she know why a reporter would be interested?

4. Be specific… a good PR consultant can effectively manage your expectations. You should know what is possible before anything gets started. Beware the consultant that promises, “Oprah or Marilyn Denis.”

5. Creativity… Your PR pro should be able to spot opportunities and act fast. Ask for experience in such a situation. How’d it go? What results did you get? A PR consultant worthy of your money should add value to your business in ways you never imagined.

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