Key Messaging

Don’t under-estimate the power of solid key messaging as a tool to influence stakeholder opinion and creating a new narrative.  Governments tend to be very disciplined on this, and it serves them well.  President Trump’s team refers to the development of ‘alternative’ facts in crafting his government’s story.

It is not uncommon and often quite desirable to offer one’s own version of a situation within the the context of your organization’s or personal situation. Most recently we witnessed Jody Wilson-Raybould detailing her accounts of the history between her and the Prime Minister by ‘speaking her truth’, and the impact it had on the electorate.

It is important in defining a public narriative to get your version and account into the media ecosystem and social media as a means of influencing and offering alternate perspectives.


While sometimes it can be seen as manipulation or be discredted as ‘fake news’ often it is just the varriablity of narriative crafted through a different lens. That can be the most difficult to navigate, but often can be fundemental in helping to win public opinon.

I have to tip the hat to journalist Stephen Taylor for this rather embarassing truth caught on film. In the clip below, Federal Minister of the Envrionment, Catherine McKenna describes how easy it is to construct your own reality by defining your narriative and sticking to it.

Some real advice, I said that if you actually say it louder, we’ve learned in the house of commons that if you repeat it, if you say it louder, if that is your talking point, people will totally believe it.

Catherine McKenna explains her career as the minister of carbon taxation.

— Stephen Taylor (@stephen_taylor) May 26, 2019


I’m just not sure what this says about McKenna’s push on her own government’s Climate Change agenda for example. How much does it undermine the value of your messaging when you pull back the curtains on your process, as McKenna has done.

The hyper connective world today provides countless opporurnities for anyone to craft and concoct any reality they so chose as a means of pressing forward with their own agenda. Whether it is a business group advocating for change or the envrionmental lobby rallying against a specific issue, there is always a substantial amount of grey between opinion and fact, which makes it increadibly diffiult and frustrating for the public to decipher.


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