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Engaging the New Government

The CBC has reported that the country has been quivering with anticipation as Prime Minister-designate Trudeau prepares assume power and announce his new cabinet today. November 4th will mark the introduction of what is reported to be the most diverse … Continue reading

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The Real Power of Simplicity 2

Lack of Clarity Undermines Leadership I try to use clarity and simplicity interchangeably here to convey a simple point.  I have had the great challenge of working with leaders who obfuscate and adulterate (see what I did there?) their own … Continue reading

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Kiss me, I’m Irish

Ok, ok. It’s 3 year’s old but I love it. The creative folks at Guinness sell more beer. Do they need to? The internet tells me that they sell 1.5 billion litres of beer a year, so likely not. But … Continue reading

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Big Mac Attack

Increasingly, the ideals of Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) have penetrated workplace in some pretty unexpected ways. After 40 years in the business world, the acronym typical suggests that organizations have some level of social consciousness. Born in the 1960’s an … Continue reading

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Being Social… Media

This is a well done video.  Great insights about living social media and the power of medium to build brand and engage consumers. This was created by an agency in Toronto called Social Scratch – with three really interesting definitions … Continue reading

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