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Engaging the New Government

The CBC has reported that the country has been quivering with anticipation as Prime Minister-designate Trudeau prepares assume power and announce his new cabinet today. November 4th will mark the introduction of what is reported to be the most diverse … Continue reading

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The Real Power of Simplicity 2

Lack of Clarity Undermines Leadership I try to use clarity and simplicity interchangeably here to convey a simple point.  I have had the great challenge of working with leaders who obfuscate and adulterate (see what I did there?) their own … Continue reading

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Kiss me, I’m Irish

Ok, ok. It’s 3 year’s old but I love it. The creative folks at Guinness sell more beer. Do they need to? The internet tells me that they sell 1.5 billion litres of beer a year, so likely not. But … Continue reading

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Public Affairs – GR 101 v1.1

I’ve spent as much time in my career doing government relations as I have public relations.  In theory and practice – it’s about relationships. It’s ALWAYS about relationships. Media. Public. Government. Stakeholders. All Relationships. All take time (and resources) to … Continue reading

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Media Relations 101

  Media relations has always been a challenge for PR practitioners, in particular those who don’t specialize in the art. They simple key to media relations, is in my view – the ability to craft viable relationships with media as … Continue reading

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Facing the Music

Media relations is an art more than it is a science…or perhaps it is as they say, one of the ‘dark arts’.  People are typically afraid of the media, and those who are, should be.  Being afraid of the media … Continue reading

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Lipstick on a pig

What I’ve learned in the past two decades as a marketing and communications professional returns fundamentally to a basic principle – you must have good content.  Anything short of solid content is just “lipstick on a pig” in my view. … Continue reading

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